Taylor v. Bell, Round 1

Chester Taylor and Kahlil Bell had to be separated at practice by teammates, <a href="“>according to sources at the practice.

This story got me thinking about how I am more than a little disappointed in Taylor’s running the ball this season–he is averaging 2.6 yards per rush and 1 TD;  7.1 yards per catch and 0 TDs; and it would be tempting to want the coaching staff to put Bell in and see what he can do.  However, that would be undervaluing Taylor’s reliability as not only a RB who rarely fumbles, but a sure-handed receiver out of the backfield, and as a solid backfield blocker on blitzes.  I can’t say I would be terribly opposed, though, to giving Bell a try in place of Garrett Wolfe. I am sure someone like Rashied Davis, Major Wright, Josh Bullocks, or Zack Bowman could at least MATCH Wolfe’s contribution on special teams. What do you guys think?

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