Things to Watch vs. Lions

Leaving Detroit with a win tomorrow should not be that difficult a thing for our team to do; but there are a couple things to pay close attention to as the game unfolds:

1)The Bears have run cover-2 pretty much exclusively this season; I don’t have the exact number, but I am sure the amount of times we send just the front four at the QB has doubled from last season. Alot of that has to do with the addition of Peppers, and the Bears have the best opponents’ passing rating when not blitzing in the NFL. However, with a young QB (Drew Stanton) starting for the Lions, and the 3rd string RB (Maurice Morris) being the featured back, do you still sit back and give Stanton the easy throws? Or do you blitz him like crazy and try to get in his head and force some early mistakes? In the first game of the season, the Bears dropped into a soft Cover-2 on the last couple drives with the Lions’ backup QB (Shaun Hill) in the game, and we were a strange interpretation of a weird rule from having it bite them in the butt. I say go after the young QB early, play up close on the WRs, and force him to try and beat you deep.

2) Knowing that the Lions will probably have trouble moving the ball and scoring points, will Martz’s game plan be alot like the one we saw versus the Dolphins, where we were ULTRA-conservative and just tried to NOT LOSE the game; or will we use this game to experiment with some different looks and try to give the last four teams on our schedule additional things to gameplan for defensively?

3) How will our interior lineman (Williams/Kruetz/Garza) handle Corey Williams and Ndamukong Suh? With the Jets, Patriots, and Packers all running 3-4 defenses, our guys will see a steady diet of big, power guys in the next 5 weeks. Kruetz has been playing well, Garza returning has helped, and Williams has had his moments, but I don’t think anyone is comparing him to John Hannah just yet. Those three guys’ success will go along way in how we finish the season.

4) With Tinoisamoa out, who wil get that final spot on the 45-man game day active roster? Will it be Steltz, for special teams? Or will we give a guy like Kahlil Bell, Juaquin Iglesias, or Josh Moore a chance to see what they can do?

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  1. JohnnyHarvard

    Well f the Bears are going to run any new designs on offense I’d prefer they kep it till they play the future opponents. I completely expect them to play smart conservative football with a shot down the field every now and again and I can’t say I disagree with that. Get the win get out and get ready for the post season push.

    Also I don’t expect the Bears to deviate with whats worked so far. I don’t expect a lot of blitzing. More having all eyes on the QB and using their athleticism to make plays on the ball while the front four harass him into making throws places he doesn’t want to sooner than he wants to. They’ll blitz, but seldom, and probably send a late LB &/or DB once the blocking assignments have been identified.

    on your other points I’m concerned with the interior pressure too, but less so now that it looks Vanden Bosch won’t be coming in on Jays blind side and boxing him in.

    Who gets the nod I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll be anyone who can’t compete on special teams.

    December 4, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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