An Open Letter to ESPN’s “Experts”…

Dear Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson:

As a Bears fan, I cannot help but notice how you both have picked the Detroit Lions to beat my Chicago Bears today at Ford Field. Now granted, my team has looked flat in our 3 losses—two of those to teams we should have beaten handily—but the Lions? With their 3rd-string QB AND 3rd-string RB? I didn’t even know Maurice Morris was still in the NFL! Is there a rule I don’t know about that lets you win a game with ZERO POINTS? And their top DE, Kyle Vandenbosch is probably out too?
That is not even accounting for the fact that the Bears are coming off of the most dominating stretch of play since the 2006 season. Our defense has been great all year, as has our special teams. And now, our offense has become efficient, if not outstanding. We just beat the team (Eagles) that just that week was being called the best team in the NFC. Beat them easily. And now we will lose to the Lions?

Upon further examination, I have come to learn that you both have picked the Bears to win a game ONCE in the past 6 weeks. Adam Schefter, you picked us to beat the dysfunctional train wreck that call themselves the Minnesota Vikings. But, the both of you picked us to lose to Philly…and Miami…and BUFFALO? Really?

Now, to be fair, maybe you all are too busy at ESPN thinking of wonderful adjectives to describe how much fun Brett Favre has playing the game to follow the Bears. But for you and all those other ‘experts’ who keep giving our team NO RESPECT (yes, eve those that used to play for our own team)—I think I can speak for all Bears fans by saying: THANK YOU. AND KEEP IT UP. This team seems to feed off of the lack of acknowledgment that we might, in fact, be Super Bowl contenders. Keep Urlacher and Briggs and Peppers and Hester and Cutler and Martz and Marinelli feeling like they have something to prove. At least until after the first week in February.

Ben Collier
Bears fan since the 1983 season.


3 responses

  1. johnnyharvard

    Theres a lot of people out there who stand to look very stupid both on the Bears issue and on the Cutler issue. God I wish the Bears win just so I can hear and read what these idiots have to say after their one reasoning for Jay not being good goes away.

    December 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm

  2. johnnyharvard

    ESPN blows! Its not just these two idiots, but the guys at NFL live especially Sclereth (whos still salty Jay didn’t kiss McDaniels ass to stay in Denver), and Dilfer who still has the I won a superbowl so I’m better than you attitude when it comes to Jay. We all know he couldn’t come within a sniff of Jays used game jock of being the same QB Jay is. When asked this week if Bears are team to beat in the NFC not only did he disagree, (which is fine), but he actually snikered while doing it like are you freaking out of your mind! Of course hios biggest reason for it was Jay throwing 5 picks in a big game as being more likely to happen than Bears winning. I hate that guy like poison! ESPN go to hell!

    December 5, 2010 at 10:11 am

    • Agreed..its funny to me how teams are so great, and called the team to beat, until we beat them, and then they are not that good.

      December 5, 2010 at 11:52 am

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