The third player in Sunday’s game-Mother Nature!

Being in Florida, where it is a balmy 40 DEGREES (cold for us),  I have recently been informed by our fellow Bear fan johnnyharvard that we have an impending “weather situation” for this weekend’s game between our Bears and the Patriots.   The situation being that it should be snowy, windy, and cold as h—.  Here is the link the the official weather forecast from the Weather Channel:

Now, normally you would say that this shouldn’t be problem, since the Patriots are from Massachusetts, and thus are accustomed to playing in the wintry elements as well.  For this reason, let me submit the following link for all the Bears fans, searching for a reason to be optimistic about Sunday’s game after watching Tom Brady run passing practice against the Jets last Monday night:

In 2006, after losing to the Jets 17-14 at home, the Patriots decided that the New England Winters + Natural Grass Field was partly to blame for the loss, and installed Field Turf during an away game week. (Interesting to note, there is actually a rule in the NFL Rule Books that states a team cannot change their field TYPE mid-season. It must be approved by the league in the offseason. Apparently, the Patriots did not have to abide by that rule.)  Also interesting to note that the Patriots only cold-weather game of late have come in Buffalo & New York (also FieldTurf) and Indianapolis (Dome).  So, at least offensively, lets not think this won’t be somewhere in the back of the Patriot players and coaches minds when they take the field on Sunday afternoon.

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