1st Quarter Thoughts

…Our kick coverage, fresh off a horrid performance against the Patriots last Sunday, promptly allows the Vikings to run the opening kickoff back to the 40-yard line, giving the Vikes great starting field position…the Vikings go right down the field on thier first drive for a TD, Favre to Harvin; which leads me to this thought about our defensive game plan: if you are playing defense against a QB who a)was not even supposed to play due to injury and b) is 75-years old and playing in 10-degree weather, why are you giving him easy throws? Until he proves that he can throw it 50 yards or sustain a hit, you should be playing up on WRs and blitzing like crazy…We drive to the Vikings’ 40-yard line on our first drive, and punt…so far, this game is looking alot like the Patriots game last weekend…defensive offsides takes away a Jennings’ interception on the first play of the Vikings’ second possession…Two plays later, Melton tips a Favre pass and Peppers intercepts it at the Vikings’ 14-yard line… Johnny Knox drops a Cutler pass and the Bears settle for a FG…after a Vikings’ punt, the Bears go 20 yards backwards on 2 straight offensive penalties, the Cutler throws a PERFECT pass for a 67-yard TD pass to Johnny Knox…Bears lead, 10-7…

One response

  1. johnnyharvard

    Wooten looking good tonight. Maybe we have a building block on that line. Forte and cutler looking good. Webb pissing me off though. Just got a holding call negating a TD. Than he’s intercepted. Sucks!

    December 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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