At Halftime, Bears lead 17-7…

The only real theme that has been pretty consistent in this game so far is a) the Vikings refuse to punt to Devin Hester; and b) the Bears are (once again) having protection issues. Cutler is taking way too many hits in this game. On the Vikings’ next possession, Julius Peppers almost intercepts his second pass of the game making an absolutely ridiculous play on a bubble screen. Let me take this time to say that I don’t know that anyone can EARN a $90-million-dollar contract; but Julius Peppers has made maybe the best case of anyone…Then, two plays later, Corey Wootton simultaneously made the first sack of his career, possibly ended Brett Favre’s career,and became my new best friend…Hester catches TD pass, and the half ends with the Bears leading 17-7…Overall, I have been impressed with the play of our defensive line, and the running of Matt Forte…


One response

  1. Lincoln1

    The game is alot closer then it should be at this point especially since the vikings have quit

    December 20, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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