Observations from the Bears @ Packers, Week 17

The Packers fought their way into the playoffs with a 10-3 win over the Bears yesterday; it was a game that the Bears really had no business playing their starters past halftime in, and quite frankly, a game the Packers should have won going away. It was obvious the Bears were just trying to get through it on offense—we didnt really attack the Packers downfield until the final drive. Which leads me into my thoughts on the game:
1) I understand the thinking behind such a vanilla game plan—not wanting to show too much to the other playoff teams, especially one you might have to play again and all—but if thats the case, why play your starters the entire game? If you are not game planning to win the game, why are you keeping your starters in like you are trying to win the game?
2) What is up with our sepcial teams coverage units? Maybe we give them a pass when we played teams like the Patriots and Jets, who also have one of the league’s top units. But the Packers have one of the worst units is football, and they were still cranking out good returns against us. As we go into the playoffs, we will be facing some great return men on the Eagles, Saints, even the Seahawks. We have to get this figured out.
3)Kahlil Bell must be the worst blitz picker-upper in the history of running backs, because I see NO REASON WHY CHESTER TAYLOR IS STILL GETTING SNAPS AT THIS POINT. Maybe simply getting him away from the Vikings was worth the money we threw at him; but that doesnt mean you have to give him the rock.
4) Why are people saying the Packers are so dangerous? We beat them at home when we had not even figured out our offense yet; we almost beat them at their home, in a game that meant nothing to us, but they HAD TO WIN. And we were two bad INTs away from winning this one. They cannot run the ball on us; and the only big play they made all day was a badly blown coverage by Danieal Manning. They have nobody who can cover Matt Forte out of the backfield. If we play them again in the playoffs, which would be at home, and would have to be in the NFC Championship game the way the sedding works, I don’t see it being close.
4) Will Major Wright ever be able to stay on the field? His rookie year has almost been a wash because of all the time missed due to injury. I am willing to give him a pass this year, because the hand injury was a flukey thing; and the leg injury seems to be a recurring hamstring pull that needs a full offseason to heal…but we need to figure out a way to keep that guy healthy.

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  1. johnnyharvard

    Yeah the Bears used the same game plan from the first game, and as we know that was very early in the season, and they did not have the same O-line nor the amount of offensive plays in their arsenal. That explains the Vanilla part. As the Bears mentioned constantly in post game their objective was to get playoff experience as this game was obviously one for the Packers. If they pulled it out fine if not oh well. They didn’t show anything that Green Bay, or anyone else can game plan, so that blueprint thing people have said the Bears gave up in this game is one that the Bears hope other teams will follow since they have other things in mind. Even Torry Holt mentioned it in a few quotes in the Sun Times and he knows Martz as well as anyone.

    Since there were no injuries of note the Bears did accomplish a lot in this game. They got the experience on the all out complex blitz schemes they’ll face as Capers is one of the best at dialing up exotic blitzes. They also put out some diversionary type plays that gave away nothing about what the Bears will bring out for the post season. I’m very excited to see what Martz and company have in store for the post season.

    I thin the Packers are dangerous, but than again so are every other team in the post season. The least of which would be Seattle. Probably the closest thing to a gimme opponent in this post season. But any team in this post season can bite you in the ass. Shit a couple that didn’t make it would be dangerous if they did in the Giants and Bucs. Lookout for the Bucs and my guys Blount and Freeman BTW. Add Mike Williams in there and you have a nice threesome there for a few years to come.

    Kahlil Bell is not in the future plans of this team so I don’t have an issue with not playing him. Taylor does have the experience although he messed up on a play for a vet. He also has that 6 mil he’s getting paid so I understand getting your moneys worth. If Bell was clearly better than I’d have a bigger issue with it. Unga’s your back up next year. With the way Forte’s running now with power as well as speed, and Unga with the same traits as Forte, but even more powerful that could be a very dynamic hard to stop tandem that should soften defenses up late in games. I’m pretty excited about that next year.

    And the injury wasn’t serious to Wright apparently. I do think its only a matter of time before he’s dinged up again. He’s way over aggressive with his body type. I think we still need to keep searching for that ball hawking FS of the future and the present hopefully.

    It’ll be nice to have a full draft to replenish the roster with this season. I just hope that the CBA gets done. If there is an 18 game schedule I would think they may add some rounds to the draft although undrafted FA’s are essentially low picks, but they would get better contract terms if drafted for the player, and the teams will have more control as they will be team property where as the undrafted guys can pretty much pick which team they want to go to if they’re wanted. So ownership may want that control if the rosters expand which probably will happen.

    January 4, 2011 at 6:13 pm

  2. Lincoln1

    Green Bay is dangerous because that defense is one of the best in the league. people around the league also know that they were called for 18 penelties in the first game and without those flags we don’t win. They also have a top notch offense that when they are not dropping passes like yesterday they can score at will on anybody. Thats why they are dangerous

    One reason we never went down field was because our WR could never get open to do it. That packer secondary is very good and they made our WR’s look very poor yesterday. The game plan was not Vanilla at all yesterday. people just look at that as a excuse as to why we lost. If the plan were Vanilla, then they would not just have sent Cutler out there to get his head bashed in. They can not be that stupid.

    And Chester Taylor is playing because he is getting paid 4-5 million a year. They have not used him right all season long and really Im not sure why they signed him to begin with.

    January 3, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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