Some Numbers to Chew On (Part One)…

Since we are in a bye week, and will be able to sit back and relax as we watch the first round of the playoffs, I thought I would put together some stats I thought were pertinent to the playoffs, and how the Bears stack up in each category with all of their possible opponents.

The first stats I want to look at are Rushing attempts, Rushing Yards, and Yards per Rush:
Chicago: 414 attempts; 1616 yards; 3.9 average

Atlanta: 497; 1,891; 3.8

Philadephia: 427; 2327; 5.4

Seattle: 385; 1424; 3.7

New Orleans: 380; 1519; 4.0

Green Bay: 421; 1606; 3.8

As you can see, everyone is pretty much around 4 yards per rush, with the exception of the Eagles—and their numbers are a little skewed due to Michael Vick. A couple things that surprised me were the fact that a) the Falcons with Michael Turner are supposed to be this physical, tough rushing team; yet their numbers aren’t that much different from us, or even the Packers, who have been under scrutiny all year long for the play of their offensive lines.

The next rushing stats I want to show are big play stats—rushes of 20+ yards, 40+ yards, and TDs:

Chicago:  11 rushes of 20+ yds;  2 rushes of 40+ yds;  10 rushing TDs

Atlanta:  12;  1;  14

Philadelphia:  19;  6;  18

Seattle:  12;  0;  13

New Orleans:  7;  2;  9

Green Bay:  3;  1;  11

This one again I think is skewed a bit for the Eagles due to Vick running from the QB position–however, he is a threat that must be taken into account. The striking thing in these stats is the low numbers for the Packers. You would think with the threat of Aaron Rodgers and all those WRs, you could sneak out more than 3 long draw plays or something.

The final stats for rushing offense are Negative Runs, and Fumbles Lost:

Chicago: 53 negative rushes; 10 fumbles

Atlanta:  47;  7

Philadelphia:  23;  11

Seattle:  49;  10

New Orleans:  32;  7

Green Bay:  35;  8

You can see the Bears are DEAD LAST when it comes to negative runs; It would be interesting to see how many of those came from Forte versus Taylor; or how many were in the first seven games. But it did jump out at me a bit. Also, of the 10 fumbles lost, only 1 came from an RB. The others were WR/TE running after the catch, or Cutler getting sacked.  It was also interesting to see that Atlanta has the second most negative rushes. This tells me that people are stacking the box, and are not really worried about Ryan and the Falcons beating them deep.

As this week goes along, we will also compare passing offense; as well as Rushing and Passing Defense as the week goes along.  Comment on how you thinks these stats will show themselves in the next few weeks, if at all. It is also important to consider how the specific martchups will lend themselves to certain stats.

UPDATE:  The Saints announced today that they were placing Chris Ivory, their leading rusher this season, on Injured Reserve, so he is out for the rest of the playoffs. It probably won’t matter versus the Seahawks this weekend, but if they have to travel to Chicago, Philly, or Green Bay–

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