Some Numbers to Chew On (Part Three)

In this post, we will compare the defensive numbers for the 6 NFC playoff teams.  Lets begin with Rushing Defense. We will look at Attempts Against, Yards Allowed per Carry, and Rushing Touchdowns Against:

Chicago:  386 Rushes Against;  3.7 Yds Allowed per Carry; 14 Rushing TDs Against

Atlanta:  366 ;  4.6 ;  9

Philadelphia:  423 ;  4.2 ;   12

Seattle:  452 ;   4.2 ;   13

New Orleans:  421 ;  4.3 ;  13

Green Bay:  395 ;  4.7 ;  6

You automatically see how stout the Bears’ run defense has been all year long; and how porous Atlanta’s and Green Bay’s have been.  The nest rushing defense stats will show how susceptible to the big rushing play the defenses are—Rushes of 20+ Yards Allowed; and Rushes of 40+ Yards Allowed:

Chicago:  13 Rushes Allowed of 20+ Yards; 1 Rush Allowed of 40+ Yards

Atlanta:  10 ;  5

Philadelphia:  9 ;  1

Seattle:  16 ; 3

New Orleans:  13 ;  3

Green Bay:  10 ; 1

Atlanta allowed 5 RUNS OF 40+ YARDS. That’s a pretty high number; especially for a team that was playing with a lead alot, forcing teams to pass (note how Atlanta has the least Rushing Attempts Against).

On to Passing Defense—lets start with Yards Allowed Per Pass Attempt; Completion Percentage Allowed; and Passing TD’s Allowed:

Chicago:  6.6 Yds Allowed Per Pass Attempt; 62.4 Completion Percentage Alowed; 14 Passing TDs Allowed

Atlanta:  6.9 ;  62.0% ;  23

Philadelphia:  7.0 ;  57.6% ;  31

Seattle:  7.2 ;  57.9% ;  31

New Orleans:  6.8 ;  61.9% ;  13

Green Bay:  6.5 ;  56.2% ;  16

The Bears and Packers clearly have the best Pass Defenses of the playoff teams; They do it in different ways; with the Packers 3-4 scheme blitzing from every angle—while the Bears Cover-2, rushing the front four and daring you to settle for 4-5 yards per pass all the way down the field. The Packers had 47 sacks, while the Bears had 34.  Now lets look at Turnovers Forced–Fumbles Recovered; and Interceptions:

Chicago:  35 Turnovers Forced (14 Fumbles Recovered ; 21 Interceptions)

Atlanta:  31 (9 ; 22)

Philadelphia:  34 (11 ; 23)

Seattle:  22 (10 ; 12)

New Orleans:  25 (16 ; 9)

Green Bay:  32 (8 ; 24)

The Bears, who have always stressed takeaways, led the field with 35. The Saints and the Bears seem the most adept at stripping the ball.  The Seahawks and Saints cannot take the ball away through the air.

If defense still wins championships, then the Bears and Packers seem to have a leg up on the field going into the playoffs.


2 responses

  1. johnnyharvard

    Another thing people aren’t talking about is Forte. The last 5 games he may be the most productive rB in all of football. Especially if you consider him as a pass catcher. The dude runs routes and catches balls like a top flight WR. Try to do a number compilation since the bye week if you can. Its really like two different teams between before and after.

    January 5, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    • Offensively, for sure. I started doing this as a breakdown by halves of the season; but to be honest with you, if you want to take out the first half of the season, do you also take out the Pats game, since we forgot to show up for that one? Do you take out last week’s game, since we didnt really try to do anything, from an offensive standpoint? Im sure every team has had some dismal stretch at some point this season—so I just left it as a whole. The main point I wanted to make is you can definitely see trends, as far as philosophy goes, that may end up being the difference this playoff season.

      January 5, 2011 at 5:46 pm

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