Year-End Position Grades: Running Backs

2010 Depth Chart & Statistics :

Depth Chart Position  –  #  –  Last Name, First Name  –  2010 Age

1)  22  –  Forte, Matt  –  25

2)  29  –  Taylor, Chester  –  31

3)  25  –  Wolfe, Garrett  –  26

4)  32  –  Bell, Kahlil  –  24

Statistics (Playoffs Included) –  GP  –  Rush Att  –  Rush Yds  –  Rush Avg  –  Receptions  –  Receiving  Yards  –  Rec  Avg  –  Total  TDs

Forte  –  18  –  279  – 1,219  –  4.4  –  64  –  691  –  10.8  –  9

Taylor  –  18 –  126  – 313  – 2.5  –  21  –  151  –  7.2  –  4

Wolfe  – 18  –  4  –  8  –  2.0  –  0  –  0  –  0.0  –  0

Bell  –  0  –  0  –  0  –  0.0  –  0  –  0  –  0.0  –  0

Matt Forte:  Forte had a great “bounce-back” year in the “Marshall Faulk”-role of the Mike Martz’s offense, finishing 10th in the NFL in yards from scrimmage;  4th in the NFL in receiving yards among RBs; and 1st in the NFL in yards per reception among RBs.  This all while running behind an offensive line that did not really find any type of rhythm until midway through the season.  VERY QUIETLY in just 3 seasons, Matt Forte is already 6th on the Bears’ career rushing list, and 4th in career yards from scrimmage.  In fact, Forte has 4,731 yards from scrimmage in his first 3 years—Walter Payton had 4,552.  Forte will still whiff on some blitz pickups at times, but he is getting better every year. He is entering a contract year, and it is crucial that the Bears get an extension done with Forte as soon as the new CBA is finalized. FINAL GRADE:  A.


CHESTER TAYLOR:  I suppose, in a sense, it was worth $26 million dollars to get Taylor away from the Vikings; but surely we could have got 2.3 yards per carry out of Kahlil Bell, whom Taylor was signed to bump out of the backup-to-Matt Forte spot. Taylor had a few good plays, but it would surprise me very little if the Bears cut Taylor after just one year, and drafted an RB or gave the job to Kahlil Bell or Harvey Unga, who was picked up in the supplemental draft this past season. FINAL GRADE: D.


GARRETT WOLFE: I don’t care how many special-teams tackles he makes, you will not sell me on the idea that he shouldn’t be considered a 3rd-round draft BUST, and one of the worst picks of the Angelo-Smith era. Plus, the supposed special-teams dynamo was practically invisible in that phase this year. Wolfe offers very little as an RB; and I think the Bears would be best served to draft a replacement in the middle rounds, like West Virginia’s Noel Devine or Oregon State’s Jacquizz Rodgers—Moral of the Story—if you are going to draft a scatback, make sure he has speed and moves, or at least one of those. Wolfe has neither. FINAL GRADE:  F

KAHLIL BELL:  Was inactive for all 16 games this season; the only news he made was an altercation with Chester Taylor at a practice. I think a lack in experience, as far as blitz pickups go as well as on special teams, kept Bell off of the active roster this season.  Bell ran for 220 yards in 2009 on 5.5 yards per carry; and we will see if the Bears give him an opportunity next year, especially if Taylor is released. FINAL GRADE: INCOMPLETE

HARVEY UNGA: Unga was drafted in the supplemental draft by the Bears, and promptly found his way onto injured reserve.  Like Bell, he would have had a hard time finding any time on the gameday roster, with not much experience as a pass-blocker or special teams coverage; expect him to be groomed as a short-yardage back next season. FINAL GRADE: INCOMPLETE

2 responses

  1. johnnyharvard

    Can’t argue with any of it. I would however give Forte a B. He got jay killed a few times in his lack of blitz pickups often taking the wrong guy or just recognizing the blitz too late to respond accordingly. He needs to get in the tape room and study the blitz pickup if he wants to be elite.

    February 9, 2011 at 10:12 am

  2. Lincoln1

    Chester taylor is a gut that makes you want to pull your hair out. I really have no idea what his purpose was but he played like a guy who was just happy to get a new contract and now he can coast for the rest of his career.

    As for Bell if you find your way inactive for all 16 games the you get an F. I understand not being able to play RB because of what was in front of him, but if you can’t contribute on special teams then you really have no place on the team.

    Wolfe is a bust. regardless of what he does on special teams, third round picks are suppose to contribute to what ever position they are drafted to play.

    Forte had a good bounce back season, especially after a slow start. he needs to show however that he is capable of putting together back to back quality seasons. We could do alot worse then Forte at this point

    February 8, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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