Sorry for the cruel teaser, but I am happy to announce that my lockout from this blog is OVER, and I am back and ready to dissect everything Bears. My son (and future 1st-Round Draft Pick of the Bears in 2031) is now 6 months old, and I can finally get down and discuss what has been going on this offseason.

I am NOT going to discuss the REAL lockout; it seems like it is going nowhere, and between the greed on the owners’ and NFL’s part and the dumb crap continuously spewing from the mouths of players like Adrian Peterson, I just get a headache.

It reminds me of the Bible story involving King Solomon and the two women fighting over the baby. If you do not know this story, one lady accidentally killed her  baby by smothering him to death during sleep; stole another woman’s baby; they both went before the King to determine who the real mother was. King Solomon decides the only way to solve the dispute is to cut the baby into two pieces, so each mother gets some of the baby. The fake mother agrees to the stipulation; the real mother says no, because she truly cares for the baby too much, and pleads the King to give her baby to the fake mother, rather than kill it. This proves to Solomon who the real mother is.

Substitute the NFL for one mother (doesn’t matter which one), the NFLPA as the other mother (doesn’t matter which one), and the overall product/the fans as the baby, and you get my drift. The only difference is right now, it seems like BOTH SIDES are the fake mother. Until one sides gives a little, let us just HOPE thet the Major League Baseball Season will be extra compelling.

Anyway, here is some BEARS news we missed:

1) Bears cut DT Tommie Harris; LB Hunter Hillenmeyer; and OT Kevin Shaffer. No shockers here; although I do want to point out the full-page ad Harris took out thanking the fans for all the support in his time here. Call em sentimental, but I wouldn’t mind bringing him back for close to the veteran minimum to back up whatever DT we draft to take over at the under tackle. And if we are cutting guys who SUCKED last year, did RB Chester Taylor and TE Brandon Manumaleuna not get their pink slips in the mail yet?

2) DE Julius Peppers re-structures his deal to give the Bears $8 million in cap space for this offseason. Not sure if this is to give us room to re-sign RB Matt Forte, or if we have our eye on someone in Free Agency, but kudos to Julius Peppers. The sad thing is, I am not sure anyone outside of Chicago heard about this story. And you know, if this would have been Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees, there would have been an hour-long special on ESPN about how unselfish they are.

3) It was revealed after the season that Jay Cutler had a grade-2 sprain of the MCL during the NFC Championship Game. Lovie, in what was at the time the king of all understatements, said the Bears’ organization could have handled things differently to help Jay’s public persona. Not to be outdone, Maurice-Jones Drew, said later he should have kept his mouth shut until he knew the whole story. Especially since he missed the last 2 games of the year with virtually the same injury, while his team fought for their playoff lives. Now, Jay is getting flack for being in Hollywood with his girlfriend while (some) of his teammates are working out. But most of these people fail to mention that Jay just got back from a mission of mercy to Africa, helping feed children and deliver books and clothes. All I can say is that I am glad we have a guy playing QB who doesn’t let these kind of petty criticisms get to him (Hello, Rex Grossman).

4) Head Coach Lovie Smith gets a 2-year extension. People can say what they want about Lovie, but he a) has assembled a really good staff; b) is loved by all of his players; and c) is the only coach not named Ditka or Halas to take the Bears to multiple Championship Games.  Plus, with the uncertainty of the lockout, it would have been a mistake to try and bring in an new coach, and a new system for the players to learn.

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