What the 1st Round Means For the Bears…(and other random thoughts about the draft)

Gabe Carimi became the 1st-round draft pick for the Bears in the 2011 Draft…
– While I was in the camp that the Bears should try to trade down; it became obvious that was probably NOT going to be an option once the top 3 QBs went in the first 10 picks.
-Carimi does represent good value for the Bears at #29;he was ranked 25th or higher in every pre-draft scouting report, and in most of those he was ranked higher than at least one of the OTs that was drafted ahead of him.
-Obviously, the Bears liked Carimi enough to be in talks with the Ravens about trading up (which would have been a HUGE mistake), for fear of the Chiefs taking Carimi two picks before us. But, overall, you have to be happy when you get a guy who you did not have to reach for, that also fills a huge need.
-There is still good value on the board at the other positions of need for the Bears—DT, WR, CB, and LB.
-This might spell the end of the Frank Omiyale experiment in Chicago. The only question is whether the Bears see Carimi at an LT; or if they are going to put him in at RT, and move Webb over to LT. I think this also means that there are absolutely NO PLANS to ever move Chris Williams back to tackle. He will be a guard.
-This means that the Bears have players besides WR Greg Little and DT Marvin Austin that they like at those positions in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds; because there is a good possibility both of those guys will be gone by the time the Bears pick in the 2nd round.

Thoughts on the Other Picks:

-Carolina will regret the Day they did not take Marcel Dareus or Patrick Peterson with the Number 1 Pick. Cam Newton has all the questions marks that were surrounding Tim Tebow last year—lack of experience under center; inaccurate at times; looks to run too soon—but without the professional attitude. Newton will be out of football before his first contract runs out.
-I know Detroit got good value for Nick Fairley, and I know Minnesota needed a QB, but I am really REALLY glad both of those teams passed on Da’Quan Bowers and Jimmy Smith.
-Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin = Detroit-era Mike Williams.
-I am scratching my head with the Packers’ pick. Sherrod seems too soft for me; plus the Packers had bigger need on the DL and OLB.


3 responses

  1. lincoln1

    the vikings R the perfect example on why U don’t draft strictly on need.

    April 29, 2011 at 7:09 pm

  2. lincoln1

    Im still scratching my head has to Y the bears felt like they had to trade up to get this guy. they had some made info about what the chiefs wanted to do. Fo the bears to actually screw up the trade with the ravens just proves that we have boobs running this organization.

    I know nothing about this pick. I do know however that Det has built a d line that is absolutely sick and that they continue to be on the rise. Minnesota is completely out of their minds

    April 29, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    • agreed on the minnesota thing. hard to understand that one. detroit still has to have some one in the back seven before you can take them seriously on defense.

      April 29, 2011 at 2:14 pm

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