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2012 Chicago Bears Fans NFL Mock Draft, Pick #6 – Rams

Will 2012 be the year help arrives for former #1 overall pick, Sam Bradford?

Previous Picks:

1)Indianapolis – QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
2)Washington – QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor
3)Minnesota – OT Matt Kalil, Southern Cal
4)Cleveland – RB Trent Richardson, Alabama
5)Tampa Bay – CB Morris Claiborn, Louisiana State

Up next at #6 is the St. Louis Rams. Consensus has it they will be looking to (finally) get QB Sam Bradford some early round help with WRs Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd. However, there have been late rumblings that they will go defensive line with DE Melvin Ingram or DT Fletcher Cox—which I don’t think you can totally count out, with the influence of Jeff Fisher as head coach. It will also be interesting to see if two teams desperate for a franchise QB, Kansas City and Miami, begin to panic and give up the farm to make sure they get the rights to the 3rd-best QB in this draft, Ryan Tannehill. Vote below on what you think the Rams will do come Draft Friday:


Chicago Bears Fans 2012 Mock Draft, Pick #4: Cleveland Browns

Here are the picks so far:
#1: Indianapolis Colts – QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
#2: Washington Redskins – QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor
#3: Minnesota Vikings – OT Matt Kalil, USC

Which brings us to pick 4 overall, the Cleveland Browns. They could go a number of ways: a) Draft a workhorse RB like Trent Richardson, a shutdown CB in Morris Claiborne to team with Joe Haden, or draft a potential franchise QB in Ryan Tannehill, if they still are not sold on Colt McCoy. As last year shows, GM Mike Holmgren cannot be counted out from trading down from a high first-round pick to accumulate extra mid-round picks. So, here’s the poll:

Chicago Bears Fans 2012 Mock Draft

2012 Chicago Bears draft pick, OT Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)

Alright…the draft is less than 3 weeks away; and what better way to count it down than do our own little mock draft. We know that the top 2 picks will be QB Andrew Luck (Stanford) and QB Robert Griffin III (Baylor); after that, its a crapshoot with, as of now, the Vikings holding all the cards. Reports have them bringing in WR Michael Floyd (Notre Dame) for a visit—are they really thinking about taking him at #3, or are they planning to trade down to the #8 spot (Dolphins) and take Floyd there? anyway, lets start this off with that #3 Overall Pick, the Minnesota Vikings. Feel free to comment on why you think they will go a particular direction. And please remember—do not vote on how you think they SHOULD draft, or how you (As a Bears Fan) would WANT them to draft—but what you think, knowing about each team as you do, they WILL do. Thanks, and enjoy!!!

NFL Draft News: Andrew Luck to stay in school; Harbaugh Leaving for NFL

ESPN is reporting that Stanford QB Andrew Luck will remain in school. This is of course big news for all the teams that are QB-desperate heading into the draft; but it makes me wonder something else? Does this mean Jim Harbaugh is staying on as the coach of Stanford?  I find it hard to believe that Luck, pretty much a lock for one of the top 2 picks in the upcoming draft, would stay at school if there is a chance there will be a new coach, offensive coach, and offensive system.

UPDATE: Jim Harbaugh has accepted a 5 year, $25 million deal to coach the 49ers. This means that a) the Dolphins are $3 milion per year LESS APPEALING to coach than the 49ers; and b) Andrew Luck will be playing for a new coach, with possibly a new offensive system.  Lets see if this maybe changes his mind. Maybe he is really just waiting to see how the whole labor issue plays out.